Scott deMoulin is world class. Nearly ten years later, I consciously and sub-consciously continue to apply strategies that I learned from him.

Scott and Dallyce don’t just put on a class they put on an event. They don’t just give you the information they show you how to apply it. You will leave their events a better person than before and you will be nothing short of mind blown.

I had very high expectations coming into the engage from your stage course and it exceeded them in every way. Scott and Dallyce are exceptional teachers and I couldn’t have been happier with the progress they helped me make and the journey I’ve now started.

“Engage From Your Stage” is a life-changing event. I had no idea when I signed up that it would help me to finally find my voice and to use it! Scott deMoulin is a master of communication and helps to refine your message and method of delivery on stage to be clear, concise and conscious. Dallyce and her wisdom surrounding energy management when you are prepping to go on stage is priceless. If you are on a mission to make a difference in the world and master your message, then sign up for ANYTHING Destiny Training Systems has to offer. You will be amazed!