“I really enjoyed Scott’s coaching for a few simple reasons; He was a cool, calm, and collected coach who never made me feel uncomfortable or belittled. That, and the simplicity of his suggestions and directional changes were straight forward, logical, and helped my speech to be a wild success. Thanks so much for your help and friendship Scott! .”

Max Montrose

“Scott is a great teacher that genuinely cares about your success. Patient, intelligent, and committed to our goal, he treated our live demo in front of thousands like it was his own and it showed. Were it not for Scott we would have been dead in the water! He is a true professional that wants to see you succeed and it shows with his work ethic.”

Brandon Ward

“Scott deMoulin helped me deliver a 22 minute presentation to a live studio and webcast audience of over 10,000. To say I was nervous would be a gross understatement. Scott’s organized approach, based on his successful experience, was immediately understandable and actionable. My presentation went very well. The best part was that I learned techniques from Scott that will forever be valuable.”

Francis J. Priznar

“Scott is a patient and competent teacher! He gave me so many good insider tips on speaking not previously learned. He’s so understanding and easy to work with, and I never felt uncomfortable or shy. He has a way of easing any tension around public speaking and I’d highly suggest him to anyone wishing to make their presentations the best they can be.”

Julianna Carella

“You don’t need Tony Robbins when Scott is speaking. He’s phenomenal! Bucket list: Be trained by Scott deMoulin and travel the world speaking on topics that will enhance, improve and empower people.”

Teresa Snider

“Scott is a dynamic speaker and consultant who brings substance and style to every engagement. He knows how to diagnose the client’s needs and customize material that helps them do more and be more.” 

Nido Qubein

“It’s a fairly bold decision to pull the city’s top newspaper advertising sales staff off the streets on the busiest sales day of the week with the hope that this one day seminar would be the one to make a difference. Bottom line is . . . it did! To say Scott’s seminar was a worthy investment of time and finances is an understatement. His insight is matched only by his infectious energetic attitude!”

L.A. Weekly

“Scott deMoulin immediately understood my critical need and he under promised and then way over delivered on every level – Scott is high in Integrity. He is there for you. He does his homework and he is a lot of fun to work with. I’d recommend Scott to anyone who is a business leader or speaks on any type of stage. Scott’s expertise is to laser in on what’s keeping you from that greatness you desire and then offers you a practical easy solution that’s delivered in a fun way.”

Janet Attwood

“… the most useful, successful and entertaining event our company has ever planned. I honestly never dreamed that anyone could design a program on how to persuade and sell to groups as perfectly tailored as Scott’s. It was truly loaded with value!”


“It’s not every day that a speaker offers to send me anywhere in the world I want to go – in the event I’m not totally happy with the results of his work. I was convinced I wasn’t going anywhere (on his tab) five minutes into your presentation. Thank you once again for your participation in our National Toronto event.”

Patrick Q.

“Scott deMoulin has simplified the art of delivering compelling and persuasive presentations and of living and working in much more harmonious ways. He conveys this knowledge as a master coach. My success rate tripled as he coached me through how to persuade from the platform. The results: Standing ovations rather than polite applause. Much higher close rates on products and services during sales presentations and speeches. If you want to improve your individual performance or the performance of your people, there is no one better.” 

Michael Basch

“In today’s world of vanilla speakers and trainers, Scott deMoulin stand heads and shoulders above the rest. The proof is always in the pudding and, with Scott’s help, we were able to grow to $8 million a month in revenues from scratch. I will always remember the positive impact Scott had on my life and our whole team at Bamboo.com.”

John Assaraf
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