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Whether you’re an entrepreneur, business owner, coach consultant, solopreneur, startup, thought leader or sales person, you’ll discover profound leverage by incorporating a conscious business growth strategy. You will discover how to think and act differently, add more value, be more trusted, unique and profitable. Become a more powerful and persuasive communicator as well as a stronger, more innovative and credible leader.

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Are you a business leader, entrepreneuer, speaker, author, consultant, coach or expert, looking to establish more credibility, impact and income by sharing your message? When you own your stage . . . you can script your future! Become a more effective, conscious and persuasive communicator that leaves your audience with the inspired feeling to take action because they are so engaged and enrolled by you and your message.

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Scott deMoulin

For over two decades Scott deMoulin has directly consulted for companies ranging in size from start-ups to multi billion dollar organizations, including Casino giant Harrah’s Entertainment (Now Caesars Entertainment.) Scott was brought in to lead training efforts with managers when Harrah’s was merging with, acquiring other hotel/casino’s, opening new or re-opening existing properties, dealing with Union issues and improve the customer service scores at their numerous properties across the U.S.

After years of training within the Dale Carnegie Organization, in the early ‘90’s Scott earned the “Destiny Leadership Award” for three straight years as the owner and operator of the top producing Sales and Training Franchise for Anthony Robbins & Associates. Scott personally facilitated hundreds of personal growth and multi-week sales trainings for individuals from over 1000 companies.

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